Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance Plans

guaranteed issueIf you have pre-existing health conditions, Guaranteed Issue health insurance plans may be your last option for insurance coverage. If you’ve been denied major medical insurance, a guaranteed issue plan will get you covered. With our plans, there is no underwriting and no health questions are asked. So why wouldn’t everyone want one of these plans? Guaranteed Issue plans have limited coverage and only pay set amounts. They are not as comprehensive as Major Medical Insurance. These defined benefit plans are strictly for those who can’t obtain coverage through regular Major Medical plans. If you’ve been turned down for coverage, Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance is your best option.

How Do You Know if You Need Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance?

  • You have a pre-existing condition and you’ve been told you are “uninsurable”.
  • You can’t afford a major medical plan, but you need basic coverage.
  • Your COBRA insurance has ended and you have no more benefits.

Guaranteed-Issue Plan Benefits

With no deductibles or co-insurance to satisfy, our guaranteed-issue plans provide you with coverage from the very first dollar. There are no co-pays. These plans offer negotiated discounts but you are not tied to a specific provider. You can choose which doctors you see or you can stay in-network and save even more.